Our Mission

Teeth whitening in Kolkata

We should visit the dentist on regular basis to keep our mouth healthy and free from germs. At Dental and Oral Health Clinic we adopt all the modern and advanced techniques with high level of experience. Our aim is to save your teeth from getting decayed and not extract it on the first stance. We only pull out the tooth when there no other alternatives left. Each and every patient visiting our clinic receives personalized attention. So get back the lost smile on your face with our exceptional and optimum services.

Our aim or mission is to make your teeth free from all sorts of germs. We believe in providing quality service to all our patients. Our method of treatment is safe, secure and without any pain. The staff members are also well qualified and professional to handle any case. We are known for providing venerable treatment at reasonable fees. Dental and Oral Health Clinic is very particular when it comes to maintaining hygiene and sterilization. We use protection devices such as masks, gloves and disposables.

You need to take a prior appointment if you are visiting for a routine dental checkup. However, new patients and emergency cases are given utmost preference and they are always handled with great care. We offer full day appointment slot so as to minimize the difficulty. The ultimate goal is to make everyone pain free and provide high class dentistry.